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What is the Hip Hop Concept Album?

Most musicians have obsessions in creating concept albums. This is what they consider the ultimate point of their creativity and it’s also considered to be a test of cohesion and their vision. However, the real challenge to it is that it is everything that customers hear when they interact with a particular firm. You simply don’t have any privilege of being able to convey a narrative with a lot of words.

In today’s modern music, songs are mostly existing outside of the context. Another challenge for the makers of contemporary music is the creation of concept albums where they need to work on how to make the song survive outside of their boundaries. An addition to the difficulties of defining concept albums is that there’s really no official diagnosis when it comes to its qualifications.

Concept albums are understood to be an album that has tracks where the meanings are focused on a particular idea and theme. But the definition about such types of albums is mostly tentative and is loosely applied and it is also relatively subjective. When you try to define what concept albums are, it can be counterintuitive. What you will learn below are some of my proposed formulas in creating one.

Narrative Way

In the narrative way or procedure, the album is somewhat telling a story. This is in fact one of two types of concept albums and is the most obvious one. A narrative way or known in other terms as rap opera is in fact a common technique that rappers use when creating a concept album. The influence actually started way back from the rock opera classics. Narrative procedure in hip-hop is considered to be the most popular one.

Thematic Way

Though the narrative content has its focus on storytelling, the thematic way is considered a more subtle and flexible option. Rather than having to tell a story, thematic content has its focus on exploring a particular or connected theme. The problem however is that thematic content can be easy to distrust especially when its linked thoughts of the songs are coincidental or one that’s intentional. The artist also needs to have a deliberate plan.

High and Low Form

Whether you go with the thematic or the narrative approach, the content that it takes form with will help to reveal the art. In higher forms, the album will be dealing with the concept and in the low form, the concept will inform but will not take over each second of the record.

Both the high and low forms end up with how serious the artist is when it comes to the main idea. The idea in fact doesn’t need to be very complicated but it needs to have an organized record.

Evolution Process

Hip-hop is considered as the ideal genre when it comes to executing a concept album due to its nature of having heavy words. This provides practitioners a rich narrative potential. The history of music is a wonderful one and one that’s also personally-distinctive, being stringent on the labels where it must not be way forward.

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